Casa Coloni is the restaurant of Tenuta Duca Marigliano in Paestum, a bistro that fits perfectly in the setting of the whole structure for philosophy and ideas.

Traditions, history, culture and territory are the key elements of the cuisine of chef Luigi Coppola.
Those same concepts that also define the location where the restaurant is located: the historic Casa dei Coloni of Tenuta Duca Marigliano. The dishes proposed through various courses and menus want to celebrate the richness of the territory through the exaltation of simple raw materials such as those that have always defined the Cilento land.
Aesthetics and contemporaneity further accompany the precise choice to bring out flavours and tastes capable of bringing us back in time.
The cuisine of Casa Coloni is really for everyone because, in addition to the traditional menu, here are the special proposals for celiac, vegans, vegetarians, children, to ensure that each guest lives his personal journey in taste. Slide our Menu
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Let yourself be guided by our wine expert for a 360-degree experience where the absolute protagonists are the products, from excellent wines to cutting boards, passing through leavened products.

Rediscover the past. Capture the essence of the Estate. Find out traditions through tastes and flavours. The Bistro is the most passionate soul anchored to the past of the entire estate. It is the right place to go back in time, to walk in history. It is the means to grasp our roots, to get bewitched by our land, enhancing the most of what it offers us.
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