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Living Museum of the Mediterranean Diet

The white fig of Cilento
21 August 2018
Cilento Flight
21 August 2018

Living Museum of the Mediterranean Diet

The attention to good food, taste, local products, the well being that characterizes our projects and the dishes we bring to the table also passes through one of the symbols of the territory: the Mediterranean Diet.

Therefore, we decided to dedicate a specific external experience just to the nutritional model excellence, whose ideation took place in the Cilento territory.
The experience will teach us all about the Diet through a visit to the Living Museum of the Mediterranean Diet located in Pioppi. The little seaside village was chosen by Ancel Keys as the seat of his studies and, thus, it became the symbol of this authentic revolution. It is here that the American epidemiologist studied and discovered the direct link among diet, lifestyle and cardiovascular diseases.
From his studies, the Cilento turned out to be the home of the Mediterranean Diet, whose promotion and diffusion takes care of the Museum itself. The Museum is located in Pioppi, in the municipality of Pollica, near Palazzo Vinciprova. The educational structure is managed by Legambiente and it houses an exhibition hall, a herbal tea shop, laboratories rooms. But it also branches off into the surrounding area, even beyond the boundaries of the municipality of Pollica, with paths, educational gardens, historic sites and immaterial projects.
The exhibition space can be visited all year round, from Monday to Sunday (except on Tuesday) from 09.00 to 12.30 and from 16.00 to 20.00 (from June to September from 17.00 to 21.00). The entrance ticket, which costs € 3.00, also allows you to visit the Living Museum of the Sea ( located on the lower floor of the building.
For groups of at least 10 people it is possible to request a guided tour at a cost of 2 Euros more for both museums.

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