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The white fig of Cilento

Visit to the dairies of Paestum
21 August 2018
Living Museum of the Mediterranean Diet
21 August 2018

Among the traditional specialities of the Cilento area, the White Fig has a very important place. The protagonist of one of our external experiences is the dried fruit of the “Dottato” cultivar, also awarded of the Protected Designation of Origin.

A product unique of its kind, particularly esteemed, with pasty pulp, sweet taste and the characteristic amber-yellow colour of the skin in the aftermath of the drying process.
The outdoor experience that we suggest will permit you to admire the cultivation of figs on the territory, to know the features of the fruit, to observe the methods of cultivation and harvesting, to find out the machining processes that give life to different aspects, always surprising and delicious.
About the processing, which has been widely distributed in the area for centuries, you can appreciate the traditional preparations of figs “fences” with figs stuck in two parallel wooden sticks, but also those that provide a filling with almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, fennel seeds, citrus peel. Without forgetting the figs covered with chocolate, those dried and then baked in the oven, and those cleaned.
The Farm “Il Fico” is located in Agropoli, in the heart of the Cilento Park, and it is specialized in the production of dried figs. The Fico Bianco del Cilento DOP is a product recognized and appreciated all over the world.

Farm “Il Fico”
Contrada Cote, vicinale Giardino - 84043 Agropoli (SA)
+39 0974 272032

Very old food products, such as figs, re-elaborated with care in jam, molasses or re-proposed in the natural version sun-dried according to tradition. Santomiele works by combining quality and tradition with creativity and imagination. So, a journey is born in the land of flavours. A journey to discover aromas and products of the past. A journey to live and enjoy, slowly. As the sweetest of pleasures.

Santomiele S.r.l.
Via salita San Giuseppe s.n.c. - 84060 Prignano Cilento (sa)
+39 0974 833275

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