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Visit to the dairies of Paestum

The white fig of Cilento
21 August 2018

One of the many peculiarities in the Paestum area is that of welcoming the best dairies in the world. In fact, in a few square kilometres, come together high-level dairy farms activities.

The experience we offer will allow you to observe stables and learn how to breed, admire the art of master cheese makers and, of course, taste the finished product!
Just the dairies are the destination of one of the most evocative and unique outdoor experiences that the territory is able to offer.
With the visit to the dairies, we will find out the whole working process that makes it possible to obtain finished products with iconic shapes and a very particular taste. It starts, naturally, from the classic buffalo mozzarella and then it arrives to the ricotta cheese, smoked products, cheeses and butter. All made with buffalo milk. But there is no shortage of alternative products, such as ice creams made with buffalo milk or sausages and buffalo meats.

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