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Cilento Flight

Living Museum of the Mediterranean Diet
21 August 2018
Cilento by bike
21 August 2018
Dare to fly and let yourself be caressed by a gust of wind and by the whistling of the pulley that slides on the steel cable and live night and day an emotion unique of its kind, nestled in uncontaminated nature, as well as admiring sunsets and views at 360 degrees where you can contemplate the Gulf of Salerno, the Capri Island, the archaeological area and the beautiful sea of Paestum and the Amalfi and Cilento Coast.
Among our outdoor experiences it could not miss an activity able to mix adrenaline and breathtaking scenery. With Cilento Flight we let you discover the territory from another angle. The one that you can admire from the exclusive Zip Line of Trentinara, able to give a spectacular and unique view.
The flight lasts about one and a half minutes during which the 1,500 meters of a route that covers the 593 meters asl of the starting point to 417 of the arrival point are covered. The maximum height from the ground is 300 meters and you can also touch 120 km / h.
During the flight you can admire, in addition to the lush green surroundings, the archaeological area of Paestum, the Cilento and Amalfi Coast, the Gulf of Salerno and the Capri Island.
At the starting point we find a panoramic lift for disabled access, relaxation terraces, dining rooms, a large screen from which you can see the projection of your flight.


(from 1/7 to 31/8)

From Monday to Friday:
from 10 to 22 and from 14 to 15.


(from 1/9 to 31/10 and from 1/4 to 30/6)

Saturday and Sunday:
from 10 to 18 and from 14 to 15.

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