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21 August 2018

An authentic journey through the symbolic wines of the territory. An itinerary among local excellence led by our wine expert.
The exclusive location that will host the tasting is our “Sala a Botte”!

With its tasting path, “Tenuta Duca Marigliano” reaffirms even more clearly its philosophy, that is to allow the guest to know every facet of the local area. And it does it by focusing on a journey that starts from the choice of refined wines made in Cilento from our wine cellar after a careful selection.

Then, the guest will be able to taste wines of the highest quality under the guidance of a wine expert who will illustrate every aspect of them, from the production area to the vine, from the production methods to the combinations.

Naturally, the path will be completed by special combinations with local products and dishes designed by our chef. All this, to further enhance the wines by combining them with cold cuts, cheeses, grilled meats and much more.

HOURS: Days and times to be defined according to reservations

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